Between visiting century-old streets and monuments, you'll find light meals with Portuguese flavours

that can be enjoyed during the afternoon and evening.


At Fangas Mercearia & Bar you can share relaxing moments and enjoy a delicious homemade sangria,

a careful selection of wines, tinned food and national sausages, tasty sandwiches

and other savoury, and sweet delicacies.

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Why "Fangas"


A “fanga” was an old measure of cereal and also refers to the place where cereals were sold directly to the farmer.


The old Rua das Fangas, which is now called Rua Fernandes Tomás, where Fangas Mercearia Bar is located, was the place to go for those who wished to buy or sell cereals and flours, as mentioned in the Coimbra Charter, of 1516. 

Tuesday to Sunday

12.30pm to 15.30pm

19.30pm to 12am



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It was also on this street that the payments regarding the growing properties from Baixo Mondego were made to the landlords.

Those payments were almost always made with a part of the harvest and measured in "fangas".


During the time when the city was walled this was one of the main streets and it was characterised by separating the row houses from the wall.

Right past the Almedina Arch (one of the main gateways to the city), one could find the streets where trading took place.



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